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Washington Sports Betting Guide

The state of Washington has some very distinct attitudes towards sports betting. While the state is somewhat gambling friendly with multiple land based casinos available, they are staunchly opposed to online gambling in any form, making the circumstances for WA sports fans a little more complex than some of the other states in the US. This guide was created to assist Washington residents navigate through the confusing online gambling landscape as it relates to their specific circumstances concerning the legal status of sports betting in WA and legitimately licensed and regulated options that are available. We provided an honest, objective perspective that is intended to provide helpful data to WA players so that they can make the most informed decisions possible about their gambling activities. We have included a helpful section on Washington football betting sites to specifically assist the football fans living in the state.

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Sportsbook Name Welcome Bonus Accepts WA Players
Bovada Sports 50% Max $250 Yes
BetOnline Sports 50% Max $1000 Yes 50% Max $1000 Yes
Diamond Sportsbook 15% Max $2500 Yes
Bookmaker Sportsbook 15% Max $2500 Yes

Is Sports Betting Legal in Washington?

Washington is one of the few states that has expressly addressed online gambling at a state level. The state has passed legislation that outlaws online gambling for residents and visitors of Washington. This makes things more complicated for sports fans in the Evergreen State. We already knew that there would not be any state licensed sports betting options due to the Federal Wire Act, which bans US based online sports betting, and PASPA, which bans all other types of sports betting for the US everywhere except Nevada, Oregon, Montana and Delaware.

In this case, US residents typically have the alternative option of enjoying legally licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks that are operating legitimately within the industry. The US federal laws that govern sports betting in the USA do not prohibit Americans from gambling at these types of legal gambling sites that are located outside of US borders. However, because Washington has a legal ban in place against online gambling, players in this state have to consider this when determining how they will proceed.

Most players recognize that the Internet gambling ban is predominantly unenforceable, and since there has never been an arrest or conviction in the state for online gambling, most people simply are not concerned. While we fall into that category ourselves, we want to make sure you fully understand that technically, Washington residents who engage in online sports betting are breaking the law, and however unlikely it is that you would actually get into trouble, the fact remains that you would be in direct violation of state law. Anytime you break a law, you are committing a crime that is punishable by law. This risk is real and is present in Washington. We do not condone breaking the law, nor do we encourage anyone to do so. You can review the state's laws and statutes on the Washington state legislature website.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in Washington?

Players must be at least 18 years old to legally participate in gambling in Washington. Anyone attempting to gamble prior to their 18th birthday will be breaking the law. Should you decide to bet online, then the site you visit can require that you be at least 21 years old, which you must adhere to.

Are There Legal Online Sportsbooks That Accept Washington Residents?

Offshore sportsbooks are not subject to US federal or state laws, hence they are free to provide their services to whom they choose. The betting sites recommended in this guide do accept players from the state of Washington, however you are playing at your own risk. They do not assist you should any type of legal problems arise on your end. Should you decide that you would like to engage in online sports betting, we suggest you consider our recommendations as each brand has been carefully vetted by industry analysts to determine that they hold legitimate licensing, certifications, and are subject to genuine regulatory oversight. We have also ensured that the betting lines and odds are competitive, and that they offer an overall high quality betting experience.

How We Vet our Recommended Washington Friendly Sports Betting Sites

There are quite a few online gambling sites accepting Washington residents. Some are very reputable, high quality sites, while others are questionable, undesirable locations that pose multiple risks to their players. Our job is to differentiate between those two scenarios, and provide our results to you through our recommendations. We use an intense review process for vetting online sportsbooks, starting with their credentials. We verify their licensing, certifications, and the status and legitimacy of their governing jurisdiction. If a site is operating legally within the industry, we then evaluate their security profile. If that also checks out, the brand is approved for further scrutiny of their offerings, performance, and overall quality. This entails hundreds of elements that must be tested from different perspectives and angles. It is extremely time consuming and requires a great deal of effort. However, the results are highly instrumental in assisting players in accessing reputable and legal gambling destinations and avoiding the dangerous options, which makes it very worthwhile.

Sports Teams in Washington and Their Betting Trends

The Gonzaga Bulldogs

There's not a whole lot going on in Washington State concerning sports, but the few teams they do have are very big players on a national stage. Just look at the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Although they have yet to win an NCAA National Championship in men's basketball, they're perennial competitors. This isn't a bad feat, considering that Gonzaga is a very small school from an under-appreciated conference. They're located in the WCC, alongside teams like BYU (whose football is independent, by the bye), Pepperdine, Saint Mary's, the Universities of San Diego and San Fran, and Santa Clara U. Not exactly the SEC or ACC here in terms of men's basketball, but Gonzaga doesn't simply beat up on lesser teams. They go into the tournament and take down big teams from big schools with big talent.

They've been in the NCAA March Madness tournament every year since 1999, and they were just in the Elite Eight last season. They're known for making noise in the round of 32, often getting through to the Sweet Sixteen, but they can't seem to get over that hump and land in the Final Four.

For gamblers, Gonzaga is a solid school. They typically cover ATS (against the spread) better than 65%, and they're basically unstoppable in their division. If you need a bet that's close to a lock, just take the Bulldogs over a WCC team.

The Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are famous for their offensive players like star QB Russel Wilson and the unstoppable force that is Beast Mode, AKA Marshawn Lynch. But what makes Seattle a great NFL team is actually their defense. With players like Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas and Michael Bennett, the Seahawks can stifle anyone's offense. Just ask Peyton Manning's Broncos what happened in the most lopsided Super Bowl in league history. The Seahawks can bring it when they need to; and this not only reflects well on their win-loss record, but also in their gambling statistics.

They went 10-8-1 last year ATS, while going 4-1 in division games and 2-0 after the bye. They struggled a bit as favorites, only going 9-7-1, but this tells you two things. One, they were favorites for nearly every game. And two, they didn't have enough offense to blow past teams. Their D was fine at stifling, but oddsmakers typically set their expectations so high that Seattle couldn't reach.

This year, however, after already suffering a loss to the St. Louis Rams, oddsmakers are going to calm down on listing the Seahawks as large favorites. They will undoubtedly still be favorites, but look for 10s instead of 14s, and 3s instead of 7s. The expectations will adjust, and so will the results. We can see Seattle covering at nearly 70% this season, granted they get Chancellor back.